WHY ECO PRODUCTS: Our products are made with 100% pure essential oils, no carriers or additives and although we can't claim aroma therapeutic effects, our customers' testimonials certainly seem to solidify that something in our products is making them feel good! So what would you choose to have around you and your loved ones? A naturally extracted essential oil from a plant? Or, would you rather use a chemical substance that was comprised in a laboratory? These are the essential oils carefully chosen for our customers for both their cleaning properties, and the beautiful scent they create when blended together. Blending the fresh essence of peppermint with the sweetness of lavender and just a hint of astringent tea tree, our Tingly Mint line of products is known for its energizing and invigorating scent... some even claim it inspires the desire to clean!

OUR INGREDIENTS: The ingredients we use are natural and sustainable and come from various parts of the world at different times. When looking for quality essential oils for Natural Shields Products, we do our best to obtain it from trustworthy and certified growers and manufacturers. Our products are made with the safest ingredients we can acquire, are naturally derived from plant sources. Chemical and synthetic-based fragrances (derived from petroleum) are usually manufactured to duplicate a certain scent that already comes from nature, so why not use what nature offers us already? This is what we do! 

 … SO OUR PRODUCTS ARE: Our formulas are made using ingredients biodegradables, non-toxic, organics and naturals certified, the fragrances are of essential organic oils. Resulting in applications for soaps, fruit and vegetable wash, cleaning products, personal care products, aromatherapy, household products, pet care products, and industrial and commercial use products.  They are Biodegradable, Safe for Septic & Grey Water Systems, do not harm the rivers and the ocean, and do not attack reefs and aquatic flora. Also, they are NO Ammonia, NO Ammonium, NO Animal Products, NO Artificial Ingredients, NO Chlorine, NO Citric Acid, NO Dyes or Colors, NO Harmful Detergents, NO Hydrochloric Acid, NO Hydrofluoric Acid, NO Isopropyl Alcohol, NO Lauryl Sulfate, NO Nitric Acid, NO Artificial Perfumes or Fragrances, NO Petroleum Products, NO Phosphates, NO Phosphoric Acid, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate, NO Solvents, NO Sulfates, NO Sulfuric Acid, NO Synthetic Chemicals, NO Thickeners or Fillers, Non-Abrasive, Non-Caustic, Non-Combustible, Non-Corrosive, Non-Explosive, Non-flammable, Non-Fuming, Non-Hazardous, Non-Polluting, Non-Toxic, and Not Tested on Animals.